Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Making Your Site Accessible For All

5 Key tips for making your site 508 compliant

As web designers our main objective is that our site reaches a majority of our audience. That our end product will be usable and attractive to all, that is why it is a very smart choice to make any website 508 compliant.
508 compliance means that sites are required to be accessible to all, with this the visually impaired, colorblind, elderly, or maybe some with old hardware and software can still manage to experience and navigate a website fully.
So here are some quick and simple tips any web designer should take into consideration when creating their site.

1. Keep it simple and organized.
Try to keep navigation simple. All text should be well written, edited correctly, and easy to understand. Because if a site is confusing it no one can really use it; therefore, beating the site’s objective. Also when a site is organized, and the correct tabs are added, getting around the site is easier for those who cannot point and click.

2. Use text as links.
This is highly recommended since it is easy for screen readers to read text. Also, text is also adjustable and can cater to anyone; it is also faster to load for those with older machines.

3. Contrast is the key.
For some who are colorblind contrast is the key for a site’s success. If shades are similar it is simply impossible to read.

4. Use alt tags.
If images are used around the site or maybe graphics added for navigation purposes, alt tags must be added throughout the site, this way screen readers are still able to convey the message to the user.

5. When possible use CSS.
As designers it is our nature to make our website look good. By using CSS we can still hold some power on how our site will look but without compromising accessibility. Since tables and graphics can become for screen readers to decipher, CSS can still make your site attractive.

These are just some quick and simple suggestions. For further information visit

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Helpful Information On Copyrights: In Regards To Sharing And More.....

One of the things that caught my attention about a post I read in regards to sharing pictures from the internet is: 

A lot of people are in the habit of downloading pictures from the internet and then sharing it on social networks without giving proper credit. As I was reading the post, I am sure I fall under this category, but not no more..... I am not trying to get sued for copyright infringement! Jessica Termini shows you in her post in an image which you have to download on how to find images with rights to use by creator of the images so you wont get in trouble and end up in court for something so small. I have been using I-stockphots for my business, but it cost money. But gives me peace of mind that I have the rights to use them by paying them a small fee. Jessica Termini shows you how to go about this in a free way. Just remember - If you download images make sure you get the link and paste it with you're image.

In the bottom I have the link of the post for more in depth details about this topic.  

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What have I learned in CIS255 – Web Search Engine Visibility

My classmate +AngelloCarlin asked me what have I learned in CIS255 – Web Search Engine Visibility?

My class CIS255 – Web Search Engine Visibility has been a great class. I have learned so much! Posting at least once a month is a great way to keep content fresh. I will move up in the rankings as I continue to blog and little by little I will build an audience. Social networking is a great way to expand an online presence and popularity. My teacher is +VictorCampos and he is very informative. He introduced me to a website called and I have been getting a lot of traffic. I also learned that the longer the post is the more it will enhance my search ranking. I also learned that blogging in a blog platform is better than just creating a news page in a static website. In a blog platform like WordPress, Joomla, and Blogger I can get a individual link per posting. I can reference an older post to a most current post.

Anatomy Of a Good Blog Post
Written about a single topic.
Has a compelling title.
Well-written: good grammar and is spell-checked.
Uses headings to create sections.
Can use bullet points for organization.
Uses effective pictures.
Links to other content

According to  +VictorCampos the reason people search on the internet is to find content they want to learn about. To be taken seriously by the search engines, you need to create content on a regular basis. Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ are examples of “short form content.” The updates you post appear, are shared, and then leave most people's radars quickly. On the other hand, “long form content” is meant to be read, re-read, shared, and interacted with longer

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Whats better Twitter or Facebook or Google+ for Business?


I began to use twitter for business purposes, but I am not happy with it! third place on my list for Business.

  1. I could not separate personal from business.
  2. To expand my business... I found my self twitting about other than my business to get followers.
  1. Its great for personal purposes.
  2. It does not require to much information about yourself.


Facebook is better in separating business from personal, but still some issues I don't like. Second place on my list for business.

  1. Business and personal are integrated, but not like twitter. At least you can create a separate page for business.
  2. In order to begin having a lot of likes I caught my self inviting all my friends, but in order to really expand. I began to add people that I did not know and my personal life was exposed. So I began to get really involved in being knowledgeable about the privacy settings, But its a lot of work. I had to people in categories..... etc,...
  3. I tried to create a separate account with out a personal Facebook. I could not do it! It kept taking me to the one I had.
  4. In the past I did it. I went to the sign up area and all the way in the bottom is create a page for business. But now I can't do that. I will try to dis-activate my account and hopefully that works. 

  1. I Can at least create a separate page for business! Twitter does not offer that feature.


I like Google plus the best hands down.... First place on my list.

  1. So far nothing yet......
  1. I can separate business from personal. At first you cant do it, you actually have to go through a process to do that. This will involve a new e-mail address so you can login directly to the business page.  How to separate business from personal CLICK HERE!
  2. I can focus on communities and talk about different topics.
  3. Blogger and YouTube are integrated which are powerful tools. 
  4. Google supports its own products before Facebook or Twitter in the search engines.
CONCLUSION: I will be using Google plus, Blogger and You Tube for now. If things change in the future keep me posted by leaving a comment behind.

In time I will be adding new thoughts about this issue....